To have compassion for those who suffer is a human quality which everyone should possess, especially those who have required comfort themselves in the past and have managed to find it in others.
— Giovanni Boccaccio, The Decameron

The Vision of The Decameron Foundation

In collaboration with California State University Bakersfield, The Decameron Foundation strives for an ever increasing percentage of baccalaureate degrees conferred per capita in the Bakersfield Metropolitan Area. To that end, The Decameron Foundation will make an impact as a force for good for generations to come.

Our Mission

The Decameron Foundation will cultivate excellence among the CSU Bakersfield student body, an appreciation for the arts, sciences, and humanities, and promote lifelong learning. These efforts will further serve to raise the public and self-image of Bakersfield as a community centered around education and continued improvement.


Giving Back

"The world of higher education is always changing and now more than ever, students need support from alumni who have been in their shoes. I think from this vantage point we can effectively empower our college students and at the same time give back to the university and add value to the community."

— Zandre Azogue, Chairman